How To Make Friends When You Are Older And Have None

How To Make Friends When You Are Older And Have None
How To Make Friends When You Are Older And Have None

Do you want to make real friends but don’t know to behave with people to make them your friend? Don’t worry because in this article we are going to tell you how to make friends when you are older and have none so you can make them your best friends forever.

How To Make Friends When You Are Older And Have None
How To Make Friends When You Are Older And Have None

How To Make Friends When You Are Older

So if you are interested to know how to make friends, then follow the rules mentioned below and I think you will notice a big difference in people’s behaviour about yourself. So try to follow these rules and in a few weeks, you notice that people started talking with you and your friend circle is growing day by day.

1 Try To Remember Peoples Name

If you want to win people, then the number one rule is to remember their names and if you know their birthday also, then that was so good. But if you face difficulty in remembering people’s name, then I am already having another tip for you.

Try to use their names in the conversation, by using their names again and again in conversation helps you to remember the name. Another benefit of using a name is when you speak anyone’s name properly that person feels good. Because according to a survey, the most important word in anyone’s life is their names.

But if your memory is average like me, then you can do a little effort to remember people’s names and their details. Try to keep a pocket diary with you and whenever you meet somebody note their name and details like their birthday, family members, profession, etc. So that when you meet him again, you can greet him with his name and ask any question about his life.

2 Never Argue With Anyone

Never argue with anyone because you never win in the argument, but you have the chance to lose your friend at the end. Many of the people always trying to show themselves more intelligent in front of others, but by arguing with others, they are creating unnecessary tension in their relationship.

In most of the cases, people didn’t agree with the opponent’s statement at the end. For example, I and my friend always argue on political topics and at the end, we both not agreed with each other’s statement. That is why we have decided that we did not argue on any political topic, and I think the decision was so good.

3 Never Tell Anyone That They Are Wrong

When you are telling anyone that they are wrong it means you are telling him you are smarter than him. This statement can affect any person’s self-esteem and can lead to an argument. So if you want to tell anyone wrong then before telling him directly, tell him your mistakes and then where he was wrong.

In this way that person can not feel bad, in fact, he feels happy because you are sharing your personal experiences. For example, if my younger brother makes any mistake then I can tell him that at his age I have also made many mistakes, but in this way, you can improve these mistakes. So he will not feel bad, in fact, he will try to listen and it will help him do well.

Which Type Of Friend You Should Choose?

An ancient saying said that tells me about your friends and I will tell you about your future, it means friends are the most important persons in our life. That is why we have to choose our friends so wisely because their personality directly impacts our thinking and behaviour. 

Which Type Of Friend You Should Choose?
Which Type Of Friend You Should Choose?

Mainly there are three types of people present around us. The first type of people are those who think they are so smart and always trying to show people they are more intelligent than you. The second type of people always feel depressed and think they are not so bright student. And the third type of people believes in learning and teaching and thinks everyone is equal to learn.

The first type of people is very dangerous, they always trying to attract your self-esteem and makes you unconfident. The second type of people is not so good for you because they always give an excuse and spread negative energy. And this negative energy can also make you unconfident and depressed, so stay away from these peoples.

The third type of people are so different from other peoples, these types of people think their knowledge is not unlimited and they believe in learning every day. These types of people are perfect for friendship because they motivate you to learn more things and their positivity improves your thinking and nature.


We have shared 3 tips to make good friends and also told you which type of friends you should make. So if you want to make friends and grow your friend circle then follow these steps, I think these tips will work for you and help you to improve your social presence.


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