How To Talk To Your Crush At School For The First Time

How To Talk To Your Crush At School For The First Time
How To Talk To Your Crush At School For The First Time

Do you have a crush on a girl or a boy at your school? There are a lot of teenagers who want to make a pure bond of love with their crush. But because of some reasons they are not might able to talk with her, these reasons maybe confidence, nervousness, etc.

How To Talk To Your Crush At School For The First Time
How To Talk To Your Crush At School For The First Time

How To Talk To Your Crush At School For The First Time

That is the reason these teenagers search how to talk to your crush at school for the first time on the internet. We all know that school is a very crowded place where a lot of teenagers and children are present, and that’s why we hesitate to talk with our crush. We overthink that if he or she refused to talk with me, then people will make fun of me and laugh.

In fact, 60% of teenagers cannot express their feelings in front of her crush because of these reasons. So if you want to start a talk with your crush at school then follow the tips given below and you will notice a change in her behaviour about you. 

Don’t Let Her Know You Liked Her

If your crush doesn’t know about your feelings, then don’t let her know you liked her in the beginning. Try to talk with her nicely and normally like as you are talking with your friends. When she started talking with you don’t let her realise your feelings because at the beginning she doesn’t know you very well. And many other boys do this mistake already so you need to do a unique thing so be aware.

And if you will try to show you like her at the beginning, then it will look so cheap. So firstly try to make her a good friend and try to spend more time with her and observe her behaviour. And when you think she is also taking an interest in your life, then show your love, not directly propose her.

Ask Her For Help

Observe your crush hobbies and find out what she likes to do and ask her for help on that topic. For example, if your crush likes to play the guitar then you can say “I know you are good at playing the guitar, I also want to learn it. So can you help me in learning it?” If she says yes, then nothing is better than that because you have a chance to spend more time with her.

But if she says no I am busy, then you can say “No problem but can you give me some tips to improve my guitar skills.” She will not refuse this statement and try to help you with his knowledge. But in most of the cases, people say yes because they love to talk on a topic in which they are perfect.

Talk About Her Personality

After some time, maybe a month or two, talk about her personality and tell them what you think about them. For example, if I am a girl then I can say “At the beginning, I think you are a rude guy but now I realised you are so humble and nice.”   I can take guarantee that he or she will listen to you quietly because people love to know what people think about themselves. 

And if you express their personality in a pleasant manner then they will be happy to listen to you and also they will express their feelings about you.

Try To Know More About Her

When you became her good friend, try to know more about her like her hobbies, likes, dislikes, everything. And find the same topic that is common to you both, and use that topic in your conversation. You can also adopt her hobbies if you liked some of her hobbies and habits.

These hobbies may help you to spend more time with her and in this way, you have enough time to impress her. For example, if she likes to see movies then you can start your conversation with her on any popular movie.

Let Her Realise Your Importance

In most of the cases, people got stuck in his or her friend zone because they don’t know how to make her realise her your importance. So if you want to make her realise your importance, then hurt its ego a little and don’t be available for her all the time. For example, if you both are in the same school or office and she asked you to create an assignment for her. 

Then refused to create it. You can say “Today I am so busy I will tell you tomorrow”. If you do this, then it will hurt its ego a bit because none has said this before and in this, you can make a difference in her other friends and you.


So if you are a schoolboy or a girl and if you want to impress your crush then follow these steps, she will definitely reply you back. These steps are from the beginning to the end, in the first and second steps we have shared how to start your conversation with her. And at the last, we have shared how you can interact with her and make her fall for you. So if you think our content is helpful, you can share this content with anyone who needs these tips.


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