How To Make Exercise An Unbreakable Habit During Lockdown?

How To Make Exercise An Unbreakable Habit During Lockdown?
How To Make Exercise An Unbreakable Habit During Lockdown?

Have you gained a lot of fat during the lockdown and loses all of your gains but now you want to be fit and fine? Hello, everyone, I am Divyansh, and in this article, I am going to reveal my secrets which always motivates me towards workout. So if you want to know “How to make exercise an unbreakable habit during lockdown?” then follow my secret tips.

How To Make Exercise An Unbreakable Habit During Lockdown?

I have decided to write on this topic because, during this lockdown period, gyms are closed. That’s why a lot of people have not done their workout or any physically challenging task for a long period of time. In fact, many of you have not followed any home workout series to be fit and fine. That’s why many of you have gained a lot of fat and loses all your gains, which you achieved from your hard work.

But we all know, it’s never too late to start, but most of the guys have the same problem that they always distracted from the workout and because of a lack of motivation at home. I know many of you have started your home workout and also followed it for a few weeks, but after some time you gave up. It’s because of a lack of motivation and inspiration, that’s why I am going to reveal my secret tips to be motivated during the lockdown.

How To Motivate Yourself To Workout Alone

Because of this lockdown period, a lot of people stuck in different places. For example, I have a friend and he stuck in the college hostel alone in his room because of the lockdown. He became so depressed and not able to do his workout because of a lack of motivation.

So if you have a similar situation, the follow the tips mentioned below to be motivated towards home workout. Because we need to be fit and fine to fight against this COVID-19 virus.

1. Listen Music Before And During Workout

My tip number one is to listen to music before and during the workout because it keeps us in the right mood. It removes all the unwanted stress and helps us to concentrate on our workout. You can listen to any type of music but if you have no idea then I will recommend you to use light music during cardio and rocking music during weight training. 

And if you are doing any high-intensity interval training, then I will recommend you to use fast music. Many of the people don’t know that music can enhance or improve anyone’s performance during the workout.

Listen Music Before And During Workout

That’s most of your favourite fitness icons and athletes are using headphones during workout and training because they all know the power of music. In fact, a famous fitness icon Dwayne Douglas Johnson (The Rock) said in one of his interviews that music helps him to maintain Muscle to Mind connection during his workout.

2. Unplug Yourself From All Possible Distractions

Most of the people are trying to do their workout at home, but most of them are not able to complete it because of distractions. So my second secret or tip is to unplug yourself from all the possible distractions. For example, switch off your mobile phone or switch it on the aeroplane mode. And if you like to play games on PlayStation unplug its power cable and say “I have done my workout without any distraction”.

3. Prepare Yourself For Workout

My third secret is to prepare yourself, don’t feel that you are at your home, wear your regular gym clothes. When you prepare yourself like you are going to the gym for a workout, then your mindset became so clear. That now you are ready and you have to do the workout and if you wear your gym clothes or the clothes in which you look amazing, then it will boost your confidence.

4. Notice Changes In Yourself

In most of the cases when people start doing workout they are so motivated but as time passes, they became demotivate and give up. But don’t be depressed take a photograph of yourself and measure your weight on a calendar or note and observe changes in yourself every week. It will always motivate you when you became de motivate watch that old picture and weight and compare it with the latest one. It will inspire you a lot and you will feel the positive energy in yourself.

5. Plan Your Whole Workout

My last tip is before starting your workout plan, your whole workout in your mind. Because if your mindset is clear, then you are not going to be distracted by and distractions. And by doing perfect planning, you can save your time and can make your workout more effective. By proper planning, you can also increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.


I have shared my top 5 secrets to motivating myself towards workout, so if you want to make exercise an unbreakable habit during the lockdown, then you can follow my tips. I think they will help you a lot to be motivated so that you can follow any of the workout programs continuously.


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