Inspiring Story Of Usain Bolt | World’s Fastest Man

Inspiring Story Of Usain Bolt
Inspiring Story Of Usain Bolt

Do you who is the fasters man on the earth and what’s his record and timing? Hello everyone welcomes back to another inspiring story, and in this article, we are going to share the inspiring story of Usain Bolt. His full name was Usain St Leo Bolt, and he is also known as Lightning Bolt because of his speed.

Inspiring Story Of Usain Bolt
Inspiring Story Of Usain Bolt

He is the first person who has broken his own records much time by his continuous efforts and practice. He was born on August 21, 1986, in Jamaican which is an island country in the Caribbean Sea. He is a true athlete and also 8 times gold medal winner in Olympics.

He is a world record holder of 100m, 200m, and a 4 by 100m relay race at the current time. After Carl Lewis, he made a world record in the 2008 summer Olympics in which he won all the three races one by one. And also he became the first person who made a world record in all the three races in one Olympic in 2008.

Starting Life Story Of Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt was born in a Sherwood Content, a small town in Jamaica 21 August 1986. He belongs to a very poor family in which his father Wellesley Bolt and mother Jennifer Bolt both together run a general store in a small village. He grew up with his brother Sadiki Bolt and sister Sherine Bolt in very tough conditions.

His village is not so developed at that time, that’s why he had no other source of entertainment except sports. He loves to play, in his childhood he likes to play Cricket and Football with his brother and other friends in the village. He was not so well on studies but he likes to play outdoor games, that’s why he decided in his mind to make a career in sports.

He gets his started education from Waldensia Primary School and in this primary school; he shows his running skills and shocked everyone. He is not so fast at the beginning but at the age of 12; he became the fastest person in the 100m race in his school. But Usain was confused because he likes over one sport which are Cricket, Football and Splinting.

How His Journey Starts In Athletics

One day he was playing cricket in his school grounds and his coach observed his running skills while fielding and suggested him to try splinting. From here his final journey of racing started, he started practising, and after his contentious hard work, he found Pablo McNeil as a coach.

After that, at the age of 15, he represented Jamaica in the Caribbean Regional Competition and won the silver medal in 400m and 200m race in 2001. He also won 3 medals, including one gold in World Junior Championship in 2002. After this race, he faced the toughest time of his life because of his knee injury.

In May 2004 he faced many difficulties in Olympics because of his knee injury and that’s why he could not win any medal. But he never gave up, and after his treatment, he started practising for the next Olympics. And in 2008 Olympics, he won gold medals in all the three 100m, 200m race and 400m relay race with other players.

And in this way, he makes the world record because no one has won three gold medals in only Olympics before. After 2008 he won gold medals in 100m and 200m races in all the Olympics till now, and this became another world record. Usain Bolt said in his interview that his coach Pablo McNeil told him to concentrate his energy, which helped him a lot.

Scientific Research On Usain Bolt’s Speed

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the earth at the current time, that’s why many scientists want to know the reason behind it. They observed all the reactions and response time by different types of sensors, and they found that. When the race starts his reaction time is much lower than other athletes, but after a few seconds, he speeds up suddenly.

According to scientists, he can improve his speed by practising more and more. They also said that air on the earth atmosphere is opposing his motion, so this is also a reason which affects his speed. They also told us that his body structure is perfect to grab the speed. They told that his height is so balanced and his muscle fibres are so strong and perfect for splinting.


We have to learn a lot from his life, how he became a very successful person in his life because of his hard work and consistent practice. He is the person who was very focused on his goal and his mindset was so clear. So if you want to be a successful person, fix a goal and try to find ways to achieve it and one day people will inspire from your story.



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