Short Success Story Of Elon Musk Which Will Change Your Life

Short Success Story Of Elon Musk Which Will Change Your Life
Short Success Story Of Elon Musk Which Will Change Your Life

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk about the most futuristic man of this century Elon Musk. Who is Elon Musk? He is a South African born Canadian American business magnate. The personality and thinking of Elon Musk were so rare that’s why only a few people like him were born in a century. He came in the list of 50 top richest persons on the earth and his net worth is over 20 billion dollars.

Short Success Story Of Elon Musk Which Will Change Your Life
Short Success Story Of Elon Musk Which Will Change Your Life

At the age of 10 years, he read dozens of books and this was so shocking because he read more books than a graduate person at the age of 10 years. That’s why he designed a game at the age of 12 years and sold it to an online company in just 500 dollars. At his childhood, he has no friends because other students always make fun of him. That’s why at his childhood he started reading books for spending his time. His brother told in an interview that at his childhood he read books for 14 to 16 hours a day. 

Quick Introduction Of Elon Musk

Some of the most famous companies of Elon Musk are SpaceXTesla Motors, and Solar City. He designed Solar City, which works on sustainable energy creation for reducing pollution. He designed Tesla Motors, which works on sustainable energy consumption without fuels for reducing the pollution on earth. 

Elon Musk thinking is out of the world, he always said that “Problem is not the problem, Looking for the solution is the biggest problem”. The concept of electric vehicles, driverless cars, less energy consumption is from his mind. People know him as the 21 most powerful person on the earth because of his futuristic and barrier free thinking. 

He is also a self-taught programmer and rocket scientist because he has taken no formal education of rocket science. He read only books for his knowledge and by implementing each and everything one by one he became a rocket scientist. He thinks failure is the option but think about your mistakes and take quick action to be successful. 

Elon Musk’s Startups Which Makes Him A billionaire

Elon Musk is a very innovative person that’s why he loves to invest in new innovative ideas, some of his ideas which get successful are.

Started ZIP2

After completing his graduation, he started his first startup in 1992, which was named ZIP2. In ZIP2 they provided maps of different businesses and their information, which helped many business owners. This idea was so innovative that’s why his company started growing, and in just five years he sold his company ZIP2 in 307 million dollars. And in this company, his share was approx 22 million dollars which was so much for a young boy and now he became a multimillionaire.

Started PayPal (

He was an innovative person, that’s why he invested all of his money in his future projects. One day he went to the bank, and he observed that many people are already present there in the long queue, and here the idea of comes in his mind. This company is providing online transactions through an email id with just a few clicks. The startling growth of this company was not so good, but after some times its growth rate increases rapidly. 

After some time was renamed as PayPal, which was the biggest online transaction company in the world. In 2002 eBay bought PayPal in 1.5 billion dollars in which Elon Musk was the owner of 11.7% shares. That’s why he got 165 million dollars for his shares, and now he could invest money in his other dream projects.

Establish SpaceX

Elon’s thinking was so extraordinary, he wants to complete his space travel dream that’s he went to Russia to buy rockets. But when he reached there, he found that they were charging so much for rockets, which were 8 million dollars per rocket. So he came back and decided to create his rocket and started his new company, which was named SpaceX

But starting anything from zero is not so easy, he started reading books on space travel and rocket science. And finally decided to create a reusable rocket which decreases the cost of space travel. This spirit of learning anything was so amazing, he has taken no formal studies of rocket science. But by his continuous efforts, he learned all about rocket science and also innovate the process by using reusable rockets.

But the starting days of SpaceX was not so good, his first rocket’s engine exploded before launch which results in an enormous loss. In the second attempt, the launch was successful, but the rocket doesn’t reach the orbit. His third rocket was launch successfully but changed its direction in the space and lost.

These three unsuccessful attempts result in an enormous loss and now he has only 40 million dollars, which were not enough for the fourth launch. But he wants to try one more time, so he takes loans, sold his property and launched his fourth rocket. Now he observed all of his mistakes and launched his fourth and it successfully launched and come back successfully. 

The entire world was shocked because no one thinks any private company will launch reusable rockets with no government funding. After his successful test, NASA signed a project of 1.5 billion dollars with his company and in this way, he becomes very famous and multibillionaire.

Some Other Companies Owned By Elon Musk

At the current time, Elon Musk is having many companies and most of them are based on some futuristic thinking. Some examples are.

  1. The Boring Company- This company is working on traffic control in which they are creating world-class tunnels for reducing traffic.
  2. Hyperloop One- This company is working on a new ground transport in which we can travel a distance of 700 miles in less than one hour.
  3. Nuralink- This company is working on creating brain machines for handicap peoples.
  4. Open AI- This company is researching on artificial intelligence.
  5. Starlink- Elon Musk is working on a project named Starlink in which he will launch over 12000 satellites in the space. These satellites will make a star type shape in the sky and cover the whole earth to provide high-quality internet.


The story of Elon Musk was so amazing because of his open-minded thinking and spirit of doing anything. As I told above that his life was so struggling full but he never gave up in any situation, he said that a failure is an option but you have to bounce back. So ask a question to you today, what is your failure and how can you bounce back to be successful?


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